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Raptors Parade Thread

Raptors Parade Thread

by Cosimo

What a day to be a Canadian, Torontonian, Raptors fan and did I mention Canadian? Words alone cannot describe the celebrations held in Toronto on Monday, so here's a little help from the Twitterverse.
First off, let's start with the underrated headline of the day. What the hell happened to Danny Green's hair in the few days between Game 6 and the parade? The guy literally grew a few inches overnight, some feat most men can only dream of.
How about the luckiest guy at any Toronto bar past midnight on a Saturday. Fake Kawhi can get it any day if he can hold down a solid poker face. Kudos on this guy playing to his strengths, Power Move.
Now let's talk about the real Kawhi Leonard. How good does it feel fellow Raptor fans to see this guy break character every now and then. Happy to see my guy letting loose and enjoying himself, puff away Board Man.
This is just a small sample size of the lengths fans would go too just to get a better view of the festivities. some climbed up traffic lights, the sides of buildings and even on top of buildings. Back to the arches though... Did security just give up at this point? I guess when there's millions of people, one guy hopping on top of a monumental structure is the least of their worries.
Gotta love Drake slugging a beer tossed up to him by a fan and if you don't you're just jealous, or you may be a Warriors fan. I just wanna take a moment to point out that Drake committed to this chug and finished what he started when the world was watching, take notes Aaron Rodgers.
This will bring a tear to any Raptors fan or maybe I just need to stop taking sports so seriously. Ha that's a joke, some would say I don't cry over Kawhi enough. Anyways, what a moment we have here, Lowry starts a "Five More Years" chant with the fans, but what is important is good ole' Uncle Dennis joining in on the chants. Safe to say he's on board with the Board Man staying North of the border (you better have liked that play on words).

Here is fellow European Marc Gasol chugging some vino.
And here is Marc Gasol partying like he's in Europe after the vino starts to hit.
In case having an estimated 3 million people attend the parade wasn't enough of a flex, why not have Drake's plane do laps over the city and pay $70,000 to do so. Must be nice being Drake.
Someone put this in a frame and make my day. Hammered Spicy P is the best Spicy P, well behind the tearing it up on the court Spicy P. Nevertheless, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, make that a million. Put some spice on your plate baby.
Highlight of the day right here, the Fun Guy speaks. Him breaking out 'the laugh' has got to be the best thing I saw all day and makes me happy to say that until next season I vow to only laugh like Kawhi. Also, let us not take for granted the reaction from the rest of the squad, they look like they just saw Kawhi throw down a two handed alley oop slam over LeBron James.
I could listen to a 10 hour recording of Serge Ibaka's voice and still somehow want more. If you haven't watched his 'How Hungry Are You' YouTube series, then you'll understand why I feel this way. But Kawhi is going to splurge on booze and ice cream like a fat kid in Charlie's Chocolate Factory and I have no problem with it. As long as he's back in shape by training camp, of course.
Lastly Imma just leave this here... Wow, all I gotta say is this is the best city in the World.
We The North.

Written by:
Jacob Racco
Instagram/Twitter: @jacobracco


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