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Minshew Magic > Fitzmagic

Minshew Magic > Fitzmagic

by Cosimo

It’s starting to seem as if at the start of every NFL season, whenever a quarterback plays well when he’s not supposed too, we’re just going to throw the word ‘magic’ in front of their name and we got a headline.
Also, why do both of these guys, Minshew and Fitzpatrick, have unreal facial hair? No way this is a coincidence. This is planned because the way I see it, America loves their football, seeing Florida have something good going for them at least once a year and they love well-groomed facial hair.
The thing that weirds me out the most about these guys is that they look like they could very well have been in the same graduating class. Meanwhile Ryan Fitzpatrick is 36 and Gardiner Minshew is a rookie.
Jokes aside, I really like this guy. And not in the I wanna know what his moustache feels like kind of way. It’s more of the I hope he beats out Big Dick Nick for the starting job in North Florida kind of way. No offence to Nick Foles but let’s be honest, he already hit his peak. You can’t tell me that anything this guy does for the remainder of his NFL career can top beating Tom Brady in the Super Bowl and getting the nickname Big Dick Nick.
However, while I do love Gardiner (to the point where he’s my starting Fantasy QB) he could also end up as another Fitzpatrick.
Should the Jaguars go back to Nick Foles, I could see Gardiner Minshew getting a shot with another team, but the hype-train is just never going to be the same. His second stint could fail, leading to a third team, then a fourth, then a fifth and if you know Ryan Fitzpatrick you know where I’m going with this.
So essentially what I’m saying is the Jacksonville Jaguars could either make or break this kid. If he stays, I think he’s good enough to have the Jags in the hunt every year and work some magic to make a wildcard push.
Plus, with that team not being able to have the same energy since their Conference Finals appearance a couple years ago, the franchise could use someone as electric as Gardiner Minshew.
Also, I’m just gonna come out and say that the Uncle Rico collab video that came out with Minshew was fucking stupid. If you’re going to do something like that, do better. Or let a funnier company like us do something like that, not ESPN. Which stands for, if I may quote Chris D’Elia, “Eh S’Pointless News”.
What I’m trying to say it that it’s up to you Jacksonville, do you want the magic to keep on rolling, or give the world another Ryan Fitzpatrick? The ball is in your court.
Written by:
Jacob Racco
Instagram: @jacobracco


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