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I'm Upset

I'm Upset

by Cosimo

It was fun while it lasted eh? As happy as I am Kawhi brought the Larry OB to the Northside, I can’t help but be pissed off that he left.
Am I happy that we got him in the first place? Yes. Did I know him leaving was a part of the bargain? Yes. Was I happy the Raptors finally got over the hump and won a chip? Yes. Does him leaving make me wanna punch a hole in the wall like my name is Kyle and my stepmom just cancelled my Xbox Live? Yes.
This is like when you go through a break-up and you hate that you love the other person. Anyways, let’s save that for my therapist, what’s really important here is that We The North are fucked.
I don’t care about all these other Canadians trying to justify that we're going to be fine, going around saying bullshit stats like "the Raps still went 17-5 without Kawhi during the regular season". Bottom line is this... I’m happy we won, I'm actually off the fucking walls happy that we won more so now than before. Simply because we may not see that again for a quite a while.
You played with my feelings Kawhi, you kept me up at night wondering if you’d stay. And worst of all, you made me believe the hype with all of your bullshit about going to Blue Jays games, loving the food, people, the city and claiming that this year was the most fun you've had playing ball.
What more do you want bro. We offered you a free penthouse, free food for life, a statue and it still wasn’t enough. You know how bad that looks? What star is gonna wanna come to Toronto if all of those things, not to mention winning a championship, aren't enough.
I hate you. But I love you… Dammit I miss you and your stupid laugh already. To think a few blogs ago I vowed to only laugh like you for the rest of the year. Well fuck that, I'm gonna stop sounding like a fucking idiot for you. Asshole.
The worst part is I’m not even allowed to be mad because you won a Finals in just one year. Do not get me wrong, I am grateful and will never forget what he brought to Canada. That playoff run alone was one of the more thrilling moments of my life as a sports fan. From being down 2-1 to Philly, the GAME 7 BUZZER BEATER, hearing that big forehead fuck Stephan A. Smith saying our run is over after being down 2-0 to the Bucks, to eventually knocking off the dynasty Golden State Warriors… Man, what a rush.
But what hurts the most is hearing that we could of had Westbrook, Paul George & Kawhi Leonard on our starting 5. But Masai turned down a trade involving Lowry, Siakam and Ibaka for Russ and PG.
That's a tough trigger to pull with Siakam being one of the better young stars, while dishing Demar followed with Kyle Lowry in back to back years may not sit right with a lot of people. But man talk about a plot twist if that shit pulled through. Toronto would be on their way to 4 straight Finals appearances, no doubt.
However, when it’s all said and done, there's one thing that stays constant with the Toronto Raptors. That being Masai motherfucking Ujiri.
With contracts expiring next year and Kawhi off the books, he’s got Kardashian level money to spend next summer.
In Masai we trust.
Written by:
Jacob Racco
Instagram/Twitter: @jacobracco


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