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Don’t Hate Pre-Season

Don’t Hate Pre-Season

by Cosimo

’Tis the season ladies and gents, that football aroma is in the air. The smell of 6 dudes fresh off a night in the town, now buzzing 8 straight hours of NFL RedZone with our pal Scott Hanson. But first, we got 4 weeks of teasing to get through before we can finally say, Football is back baby.
In my 21 years of existence I can confidently say that for the last 12 I hated pre-season football more than priests hate cops that camp out in playgrounds. As for the other 8 years, I didn’t know what football was because I was trapped in Sunday school all day. Which is probably where this anger towards priests came from.
Anyways, I understand the hate due to the whole month of August being a giant tease. With not only pre-season in action, but also with HBO blessing our souls with Hard Knocks.
As edging as it may be, be patient and learn to love it. Especially all you fantasy football nerds out there like myself trying to win a trophy or some money this season (if you do fantasy for nothing but fun or pride you’re the ultimate football geek). This is the time of year where you can watch who you’re going to draft in the later rounds or even scoop up in the waiver wire down the line. Everyone and your mom knows the easy snags like Saquon in the first round or Michael Thomas in the second round. But don’t be the guy in later rounds who drafts what the ‘Best Available’ section tells you because you didn’t watch pre-season football.
While everyone’s oblivious of who to pick-up in the Week 3 waiver wire, you’ll be the only one who knows Deebo Samuel is about to snap because guess what, you watched pre-season football.
By the way, you’re welcome, Deebo is about to have a year as well as Dante Pettis. That’s enough pointers for now, some boys in my fantasy leagues may be reading this.
Even if you’re not a big fantasy guy, take this time to earn your strips. Don’t be the guy that talks about his team like “yeah, we got a good shot this year”, when you don’t even know your third string quarterback or long snappers name bro. If you wanna say “we” then know your team as if you’re about to go on an episode of Jeopardy and your favourite team is the theme.
Don’t be the guy saying “who the fuck is that?” when a back-up tight-end catches a touchdown in week one. Be the “I fucking know him from that one pre-season game I watched on a Friday night instead of going out!” guy.
Alright being that guy may not be for everyone, but that doesn’t mean pre-season can’t be fun. For example, this is the time of year where you can see who everyone’s back-up quarterback is and watch why they’re a back-up and feel better about yourself. Or you can listen to announcers and commentators that you’ll never see during the regular season, because just like most players that play in August, they didn’t make the cut. Also, you can watch the new comers in action and watch the first-round rookies who play for 12 snaps and tease us even more because Daniel Jones is actually good? Damn I want to see more, but oh yeah I can’t because there are 4 other quarter-backs that need to be evaluated.
Come to think of it, the more I think out loud I actually still hate pre-season more than a priest hates cops at playgrounds. I mean it’s nice to have football back on T.V. but it’s just not the same. Maybe in the years to come I’ll slowly grow more fond of August football, but for now September 5th can’t come soon enough.


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