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Will the Mullet Make a Comeback?

Will the Mullet Make a Comeback?

by Johnny Blaze

The mullet is widely considered an outdated or even dead hairstyle, but could a comeback be on the rise? A recent article done by Flare Magazine makes it seem as if the resurgence of “business in the front and party in the back” could be on the horizon.
When you think of a mullet, most people will think of the classic Billy Ray Cyrus look or perhaps even their father’s yearbook photo from 1987. A hairstyle that was perhaps short lived or underrated but was this for a reason?
I’d have to say yes. The mullet worked but only for a short period of time. Times that reflected straddling the border of business and party, times that showed you respected your parents in the front but in the back rebelled and lived for the devil’s music.
Back in its hey-day the mullet did look pretty bad ass, I will give it that. However, let’s keep in mind all good things do come to an end. All of them. Every single last one of them. So, in my opinion it was time for the mullet to go.
The resurgence of the mullet doesn’t look quite like how it did. And maybe that’s for the better. However, it still does look pretty dumb. In fact, its newfound popularity has been more so embraced by women. It’s coming in different colours and doesn’t quite look right without the spike in front, something most ladies with the cut are leaving out. Take a look.
I think it looks awful all together. And that’s not a gender bias, I think it looks awful on men too. So why is it making a comeback?
I have one simple answer. The mullet is making a comeback because we don’t care anymore it seems. Human’s are the one species that get to choose what we look like. So why on earth are we bringing back the mullet?
It has always looked dumb. It looked dumb on your dad, your mum, yourself when you and the boys got “playoff mullets” and it even looked dumb on Rob Lowe too.
Actually, hold that one. Rob Lowe looked like a fucking beauty with his mullet. That’s the one exception. And Andre Agassi. Another gnarly mull. But that’s it!
Some fashion pieces just need to die. Like bell bottom jeans.
Search up “80’s fashion”. Any of the results you will find are reason enough to trash the whole era of fashion. It’s almost hard to fathom the fact that people used to dress like that. Certain aspects of it can be seen in fashion today but full outfits from the era are more likely to be seen on Halloween or an episode of “What Not To Wear” rather than a living breathing human being.
Do not be ‘Mullet Guy’ or ‘Mullet Girl’. Yes it’s funny, but for maybe a week or two, then it starts to look weird and you find yourself hating it more than the people who have to look at it. Also, if you’re not getting one as a joke or if it’s not a spur of the moment type thing, then you are an idiot and I bet you're wearing a band t-shirt right now.
This blog is going to be concluded with a PSA. You should not be getting a mullet, man or woman, and expect people to look at you as a respectable person in 2020. It’s as simple as that.
Compare the mullet to Latin. Latin is a dead language. We don’t speak it, we don’t read it and the only people who learn it are the weirdos trying to write some obscure history thesis.
The mullet is the Latin of the fashion world. It does not need a revival. We don’t need to start rocking it again. It is simply dead. So let’s just leave it at that, alright?
Written by:
John Balser
Instagram: @johnbalsohard


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