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What Not to Wear

What Not to Wear

by Johnny Blaze

Is it just me or has streetwear lost its touch?
At first it was cool. It was challenging. And most of all it was new. The age of high end streetwear clothing has brought us some of the most interesting looks, collaborations and innovations of clothing we’ve ever seen. However, in its still very short life span, it already seems as if it is playing out.
Before it challenged the norms of fashion. It gave people the option to say “$500 for this beautiful silk shirt? Fuck off, no way.” Then turn around and buy a $700 t-shirt with a sweater to match. Absolutely fucking baffling, I know.
I can’t deny that street fashion still doesn’t look cool or is out of style, but the influx of new designers and styles seeming to pop up everyday makes it incredibly accessible. Each one unique from the other in some very minuscule way but just enough to make you want to buy the entire shop out. Again, absolutely fucking baffling but it happens, somehow.
Now I don’t want to generalize and say that all streetwear looks the same but I mean to the untrained eye, Fear of God is going to look a lot like Yeezy, kind of like how VLONE sometimes looks a lot like Off White. The point is that a lot of streetwear brands share an incredible amount of similarities, style-wise. That’s not to say that I’m not a fan of these brands but it’s hard to deny some of their releases look pretty similar… Right?
But that’s alright, that is what art and fashion have been built around. Collaboration and inspiration. Giving us, the consumers, millions of brands, styles and subcultures to style ourselves in.
Now let’s go back to that word accessible.
The accessibility of high end streetwear is what I believe has made it lose much of its appeal. What I mean by this is that in the digital age we are so susceptible to influence from the people we follow and associate ourselves with, whether it be in person, social media or wherever, we are just seeing more things that we should think is cool. And we think it is cool, but for the wrong reasons. By that I mean that there’s not much difference between a $50 and a $400 beige sweater other than the material, but we are just programmed to think that the more expensive is what we need just because its got Kanye’s name on it and a bunch of Instagram pages hyped it up because there’s only 20,000 in the world.
And that’s still alright, if you need expensive clothes to feel good about what you’re wearing, that is fine by me. And if you got the money to do that, don’t listen to some broke student writing a blog that has definite tones of jealousy running throughout.
I think my biggest problem lies in that of the hype beast. Or hypebeast. Whatever. Who cares.
Hype beasts have turned streetwear brands into something they weren’t intended to be and that is worn on the mass scale. In other words, they went mainstream. Aaaaaand now I feel like I’ve broken the only rule I wanted to follow while writing this and that is not to sound like a salty hipster. But fuck it, rules are meant to be broken.
Like I said before, hype beasts harnessed the accessibility of expensive clothing and have now rocked it out to the max.
Remember when Yeezys first came out? Everyone went nuts. Like literally nuts. They sold out in seconds and were being resold for ridiculous amounts of money AND THEY WERE FUGLY. But it was still cool to see them in person because they were so rare.
Now everyone has Yeezys. And I mean everyone from that hyped out kid in your class with 6 different brands on, 4 kinds of gel in his hair and 3 different scents to the 13-year-old scooter kids at the skate park. They’ve just lost their touch.
So what do we do? We cant go back, streetwear is already front and center.
I’m here to say, there’s not much WE can do but there is something YOU can do and it’s just think. Think about why it is you are buying the clothing you are. Think about whether or not the price tag makes you happy or if how the article of clothing actually looks makes you happy.
Clothing and fashion is one of the most unique ways to express yourself and showcase what your interests are. Just because your favourite YouTuber wears it doesn’t mean you need to. Have a thought about what you’re wearing, look other places than the masses for inspiration and open your mind to exploring different ways to shop for your clothes. I’m not here to denounce the streetwear movement but rather try to tell you that you look like a fucking clown wearing all those different brands.
Written by:
John Balser
Instagram: @johnbalsohard


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