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Reality TV

Reality TV

by Johnny Blaze

Is it just us here at Down to the Wire who have a bit of an issue with the state of reality TV shows currently? I for one definitely don’t think that we are alone. I mean reality TV, as mindless as it may be, has definitely gotten stupider. Or perhaps I’ve just gotten smarter…
Back in the day you used to have your classics, the Cakes Boss’s, the Here Comes Honey BooBoo’s, the Sister Wive’s and the My 600lb Life’s. But now it seems as if we are left with the scraps. It’s as if producers and writers of new reality TV shows have just lost their creativity all together, leaving us with shows like, Dr Pimple Popper, Unexpected: Teenage & Pregnant and My Feet Are Killing Me.
Let’s just take a step back and examine reality TV as a whole before we dive into certain programs. I don’t mean to get all philosophical here, but I think the only reason we watch reality TV shows is to feel better about ourselves. IN fact, it is the most shallow form of entertainment we can get.
This comes in different forms and levels of shallowness. Let’s take “What Not to Wear” for example, a show that ran for 10 years from 2003-2013. This show lasted 10 years based on the principles of finding a person who dresses like shit, buying them new clothes and making them up on national television. Now flip over to the other side of the TV and there’s just you sitting there, eating chips on your couch laughing at how ridiculous this lady who only has 5 t-shirts, 7 long skirts and 37 cats.
Or “My 600lb Life”, a show that is based on chronicling a week in the life of someone who weighs 600lbs. Sounds pretty twisted when you put it like that eh? But then fast forward 30 minutes and you’ve just wasted all that time watching a person binge eat fast food, not get out of bed, cry because they are 600lbs and disregard any diet that is thrown at them.
Either I’m not high enough when I watch reality TV or I just don’t get it. I used to love saying yes to the dress or watching Buddy from Cake Boss throw temper tantrums over fondant. But now, it seems as if the magic is lost.
“My Feet Are Killing Me” is where my biggest concern comes from. This show has people come on with mangled feet, just to have them fixed on television. Yeah you read that right, mangled feet, television, foot surgeries. That’s it. That’s the show.
Some questions off the top of my head for the creators: How the fuck are you going to conjure up an audience that will follow this premise of a show on a weekly basis? How are you finding people to be on the show? Why the fuck did you think this show needed to exist? Has your foot fetish grown so large that the bedroom was far too small to contain it and you felt national television was the next place to go?
I don’t really know what else to say to the people behind the camera. But to the people in front of the TV watching it, go to the bathroom, look in the mirror and give your head a big fat shake buddy. You done fucked up.
I mean this isn’t the first show that’s had an incredibly bad premise but has still went to air despite many red flags that could be seen even by someone as uneducated on the subject as myself.
Kid Nation is prime example of one of these shows. Kid Nation was a short-lived reality TV show that took place in Bonanza City, New Mexico where kids aged 8-15 were left to try to establish a viable community with no parental help.
In that one sentence summary I just gave of the show, any person with a brain between their ears should be able to pick out at least 8 problems this show would have right off the start. These kids were left to cook, clean and govern themselves with rules they created. Look it up if you need anymore information on this show because it is fucked. Mind you, I can understand the appeal of watching kids gang up on the weakest link then vote them out of Bonanza all survivor style. Fuck yeah, way better than your foot show TLC, eat shit.
Dr. Pimple Popper is the last show that I have a bone to pick with and the one I will conclude my rant on. This show highlights how twisted we as humans have become. Feet, are one thing, whatever. But a whole show based on dermatology problems and fixing them up. What the fuck is that man?
Have we regressed so much as a human race that we entertain ourselves by watching a surgeon fix any skin problem that walks through her clinic door? We need to figure this out guys. We need to get our shit together because this can’t keep going on. Television has always been under fire for making younger generations stupider by our elders and I think I might just have to agree.
So next time you throw a nice “Ok boomer” when your grandpa is making fun of you for watching Dr. Pimple Popper after family dinner, take a second and think. Maybe he’s right. Maybe you are stupid.
Written by:
John Balser
Instagram: @johnbalsohard


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