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This is a Shitty Blog

This is a Shitty Blog

by Johnny Blaze

I have said for a long time that there isn’t anything that is consistently funnier than poop, farts and nut shots. Kids getting hurt comes close but those three are the mainstays in day to day classic comedy. As juvenile as those things may be, you cant help but laugh just about every time you witness or hear about one of those things. And if you’re lucky enough to hear a story that involves all three, well, game over.
Now I’d like to take a second to just talk about poop and people’s interest with it. I mean it’s just a bodily function so how can it be the center of so many jokes and laughs? Whether it be busting down the door while your buddy is on the toilet or lighting a bag of it on fire on someone’s doorstep, it’s all disturbingly funny to at least someone.
Poop comedy has also started to be harnessed by Instagram comedians. Well perhaps not comedians, but at least one comedian. That’s right, I’m talking about you @mac.savage69. I’ve dug deep to find out this guys real name but I cannot seem to find it anywhere so we’ll just call him Mr. Savage for writing purposes. Anyways, Mr. Savage has over 60 thousand followers on Instagram and has gained them all from making extreme pooping videos. He sometimes eats worms and chugs liquor but the poop videos are definitely his most constant and refined work.
This guy makes insane videos of him taking shits from all angles of the bathroom, most of which end up around the toilet rather than in it. Nonetheless, his poops are incredibly impressive, leaving you to wonder what he eats in preparation for his content, as well what the fuck is wrong with this guy and why am I so entertained?
Why are people so fascinated with poop though? As if we don’t see it at least once a day, we feel the need to have to make a focal point out of it. For instance, the new Yokohama “Unko” (Japanese word for poop) Museum is a museum about poop. This museum has made poop fun and cute, in a Japanese sort of way if you will.
There are games at the museum that resemble whack-a-mole but with poop. There are soccer games but with poop instead of a ball. There is a ceiling high poop sculpture that erupts every so often and blasts out little foam poops. Kind of fucked up right? Visitors get to leave with a goody bag full of poop-based souvenirs and if they are not satisfied with the freebies, there is a gift shop that is stock full of poop-based memorabilia. Yes, this is kind of fucked up.
It just doesn’t make sense though. The more you think about it, the less it makes sense. The fact that the “Unko” museum had over 100,000 visitors in its first month of operation makes this all the more twisted. People are just infatuated with poop of all shapes and sizes. But why? Who knows. The human race is a very twisted one to say the least.
Written by:
John Balser
Instagram: @johnbalsohard


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